I am fortunate that my Grandma was a hoarder, or should I say keeper of documents and family ephemera. Today I found a little scrap of paper, which ends with the line "A sure remedy for Rheumatica". The ingredients and method are:

6d Gin or 2d spirits of wine

8d Castille soap

2d Camphor

2d spirit of turpentine

Cut soap very fine & pound camphor. Thoroughly mix all together & cork tightly.

As an approximation, 6d of Gin in 1930 would probably be around £1.80's worth today - so not that much; unless of course you got more Gin for your money back then? It also doesn’t say whether you rub it on or drink it – I’m assuming the former.

Who knows, maybe this is something to try for all our old aching joints? 

Please be aware - this recipe has not been tested and definitely should not be drunk.  If anyone does try it (as a liniment) and it works, I claim the patent!