I became involved in genealogy by researching my own family tree over 15 years ago.  My passion developed as I discovered more and more about the secret lives of my ancestors, which were previously unknown to me and my family. 


I studied for, and passed, the Advanced Diploma in Local History with the University of Oxford, which is a qualification with especial relevance to those pursuing careers in the historical and archives sector.  This has provided a good grounding in using local historical records.

I then continued my studies with the University of Oxford completing courses in Palaeography (reading 17th and 18th century handwriting) and studying Wills and Probate Records.

I am currently studying with the Institute of Heraldic and Genealogic Studies (IHGS) for the Higher Certificate in Genealogy.

Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives

I am a Member of AGRA. The Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives is a professional organisation promoting high standards in the field of genealogy and historical research in England and Wales.  Members agree to abide by a stringent code of practice and must pass an interview with the Board of Assessors in London, demonstrating knowledge of fundamental sources used in genealogical research in England and Wales.  They must also be able to demonstrate palaeographic skills and be studying for an approved qualification, such as with IHGS.



Service and Quality

My career in administration, sales and marketing career, spans almost 40 years.  For 12 of these years I was a director of my own company and served on the Board of Directors of the Local Chamber of Commerce.  This experience has taught me that a high level of Customer Service is vital to any business and you can be assured that each commission will be fulfilled within this ethic.